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Angelfish sinking like a stone

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Re: Angelfish sinking like a stone

Post  Pterophyllum on Thu 13 Oct 2016, 18:37

The eheim filter probably has a thin black pad, which is carbon impregnated, so remove that, and yes I'd carry on with a 4th dose of octozin.

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Re: Angelfish sinking like a stone

Post  petes80 on Fri 14 Oct 2016, 13:14

No thin black pad in this one, just a thin blue pad at the top and a thicker white pad that sits on top of the biological media. I have looked online and seen what you mean but I think I would have to buy and add that in separately. Added the 4th dose today.

Akasha, I really hope your angel recovers, I have read online that some people recommend a 3 x dosage but I clearly have no experience or authority to know if this is actually a good idea! You have at least acted far sooner than I did with Feng so hopefully you got there in time.

Shui seems to be totally fine visually but doesn't seem to be eating much. The problem is the 6 platys I have are eating machines. Everything I put in, they rush to and eat. Trying not to overfeed them, but putting in enough for there to be something left for Shui seems to be a tricky balance right now! Maybe Shui is just a bit sad at the moment from the loss of Feng!

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Re: Angelfish sinking like a stone

Post  Akasha on Fri 14 Oct 2016, 16:17

Thanks Pete .. he's hanging in there ... he doesn't appear to be sick in any way other than having an all over swelling for which I have no explaination for.

In terms of feeding you could try feeding tiny amounts in different areas on the tank. I tend to do this with frozen food. I use a turkey baster to suck up a small amount and then squirt a bit in different areas around the tank. This is so they all get a chance to have something otherwise my harlequins and tetras would gobble the lot

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Re: Angelfish sinking like a stone

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