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quality of tank water

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quality of tank water

Post  JordansAngels92 on Mon 28 Mar 2016, 23:24

heyyy.. my tank has been running since november now! ive recently bought an angelfish... ive had him for 3 weeks and hes doing really well. hes growing really fast. anyhow my tank water is crystal clear! and it looks great i test it often and my readings are ammonia 0 nitrates nitrites 0 ph <7 but i was just curious as to if my water was cloudy does it mean my water isnt good enough or is there something wrong with it? could i have cloudy water and still have good reading? thankyou


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Re: quality of tank water

Post  Pterophyllum on Wed 30 Mar 2016, 14:31

It is both possible to have cloudy water which checks out good in terms of the usual water quality parameters and clear water which is atrocious!
none the less, cloudy water is usually an indication of something that's not quite right. The most common causes being :-

1. algae bloom, often an indication of excessive nitrates or phosphates.
2. bacterial bloom, a good indication that there's decomposing organic waste which isn't being dealt with effectively by the filter.
3. Decomposition of dead bacteria/plant material. Often an indication of an imminent or on going pH crash, in turn usually due to low kH, in turn often due to a combination of too much food and/or too few water changes.
4. Cloudy particulate waste, usually due to too much food and/or too few water changes, often combined with inadequate mechanical filtration.

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Re: quality of tank water

Post  JordansAngels92 on Tue 05 Apr 2016, 22:24

Thankyou Smile


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Re: quality of tank water

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